Term 2, 2024 begins 10th May

NEW CLASS every MONDAY 4.15pm

Studies consistently demonstrate the link between exercise and improved mental health, and so we are committed to supporting teens through these often stressful years.
We help our teens by providing easy access to daily movement, through in-studio or at-school classes and on-demand options.
This regular, intentional exercise will:

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Monday's 4.15pm & 5:00pm

Complimentary grip socks
 A dedicated PILATES REFORMER program allowing each student to progress smoothly and build strength & flexibility, safely.
We stay flexible – up to 2 missed classes can be credited against any Flex Body classes!
Book now, places are limited!

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Before, during or after school

Our instructor will come to your school
Enjoy the convenience of at-school classes tailored to the needs of the students. 
General level classes OR specific to sporting teams to improve performance and reduce injury.