Balance requires a delicate interaction between the three systems of your body:

o Body and Mind awareness

o Vision (eyes)

o Vestibular (inner ear)

Two of the most important factors that dictate our chosen strategy for balance are the information we attain from the above three systems and our past experiences.

When there is a conflict of information between these three systems, our balance and sense of perception suffers. This can lead to myriad of symptoms including dizziness, vertigo, disorientation, anxiety, and motion sickness as well as increasing our chances of falls risk.

History of head trauma, whiplash, concussion, motion sickness, vertigo, dizziness is more likely to affect the eyes and inner ear systems and may require further assessment with a health professional.

Mind and body awareness is a very powerful way to improve your balance and can be integrated easily into your current exercise regime such as yoga, pilates and even walking.

The concept of groundedness is a very powerful way to integrate mind awareness into the type of exercise that may benefit you the most:

  • Ungrounded person – may benefit from creating an anchor to the ground either with the hand or foot to feel connected to the ground, feel and verbalise the sensation being felt. For example focussing inwardly whilst holding the poses in a yoga class
  • Overgrounded person – tends to have a hesitancy to move and thus may benefit from creating a better flow between movements and focussing on the smoothness of the transition. For example focus on the transition between poses in the yoga class

Try this exercise…

  • Stand two feet away from the wall with your right leg on the ground and left foot against the wall – theses are your anchor points
  • Take a moment to feel the connection of the right foot onto the ground and verbalize the sensations that you are feeling
    • remember to spread the toes and keep a slight arch on the inside
  • Let’s explore some body sensations
    • Feel the rib cage expand and recoil like a cylinder as you breathe
    • Tilt your pelvis forward and back to improve your awareness, feel the spine lengthen and find a position of ease
  • Now let’s move into a hip hinge whilst being fully connected to the ground with the right foot (anchor)
    • spend a minute in this position and describe the sensation that you feel at the back of your leg
    • feel the elastic stretch that is being placed on the right glutes
    • focus your attention to keep the right knee unlocked and softened which allows you to feel the muscles in the front and back of your thigh trying to figure out how to work to together
    • whilst in this position continue to breathe and verbalise what happens when you inhale compared to exhalation
  • Now repeat with left foot on the ground

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