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We want to ensure you have every chance to live a life of vitality, good health and happiness.  We know that it’s not just what you do that will ensure good health, it’s also about how you fuel your body.  Life is busy and what we need are practical solutions that fit seamlessly into family life. That’s why we’ve teamed with Nereda Merrin, Nutritionist to offer you a choice of private consultations designed with your needs in mind.

We are delighted to share with you her Reboot and Rebalance Program:

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Reboot & Rebalance

Physiotherapy * Chiropractic * Acupuncture * Remedial Massage

NEW BODY SYNERGIES:  A Different Approach To Treatment For Results That Last

We care about you—the person behind the pain, we walk with you every step of the way, even after recovery

The team at New Body Synergies looks outside the box and treat your pain from every angle.

Private In Room Sessions: you will have undivided attention from our professional, experienced and caring staff:

 *  Physiotherapy   *  Chiropractic   *  Acupuncture   *  Remedial Massage   *   Exercise and Movement Specialists

Group sessions – the next step to recovery 

Unique care—we create a care plan based around your unique circumstances to free you from pain and guide you back to movement in three stages of healing 

 * Acute Stage   * Recovery Stage  * Maintenance Stage

Principal PhysiotherapistCorey Iskenderian, with over 30 years of experience. A dedicated professional who looks beyond the pain to address the source and the person. 

Senior Associate Physiotherapist – Faraz Majlessi, specialising evidence based treatment techniques, which offer results after conventional physiotherapy treatments have not. 

He focuses on the body holistically to support better movement, by creating an individual tailor made rehabilitation program for each client. 

Your Body Care team For Life 

*10% discount for Flex Body members *

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