Why Yoga?

Yoga is much more than just a good stretch. Here are our 8 top reasons to roll out your mat:

  1. Increased flexibility & mobility:  Greater range of motion in your joints makes everyday movements easier
  2. Greater muscle strength and tone: You don’t need heavy weights to tone and maintain muscle mass
  3. Better mental health: Reduced stress and anxiety  
  4. Weight reduction: Try a stronger, more active style and speed that heart rate
  5. Improved cardio and circulatory health: With improved breathing we circulate oxygen more efficiently around the body
  6. Increased athletic performance: Better breathing means better performance
  7. Protection from injury: Greater strength and joint mobility means we move more freely and easily
  8. A balanced nervous system: Start to avoid the over-active sympathetic nervous system and stop living in a continual state of  flight, fight or freeze

You don’t need to commit to an hour long daily practice to enjoy the benefits – just 15 minutes, most days and you’ll notice a wonderful change.