Why we should eat 30+ plant foods per week

Each and every one of you knows that eating an abundance of plant foods is ideal for a healthy diet. You simply work along a continuum regarding how much you are actually going to exercise this knowledge within your day-to-day life.

The question many clients have had for me is “what is an abundance?” In volume and variety.

According to the American and British Gut Projects, the sweet spot for optimal gut bacteria diversity occurred when 30 different plant-based foods were consumed weekly. This 30 can be made up of fruit and vegetables (of course) but grains, seeds, nuts and fresh herbs also count.

Research suggests that a healthy gut with a diverse microbiome can:

* Increase short chain fatty acid production (anti-inflammatory action throughout body)
* Increase anti-oxidant production
* Improve lipid metabolism thereby impacting body composition
* Lower gut inflammation
* Improve insulin sensitivity thereby blood sugar control
* Improve energy levels
* Improve skin issues (acne and rashes)
* Support all mental health functions
* Strengthen your immune system
To help you work up to 30 plant foods per week I’ve created a printable for you that allows you to track your daily and weekly plant consumption.

Print out four copies and see how much you can improve your plant intake over a month. Be mindful of how it makes you feel week to week. The diversity of your gut microbiome will be impacted within two to three days of dietary changes so if you improve your plant-based diet significantly, changes will be felt within the first week and grow from there.