Why do we need strong glutes?

We talk a lot about the importance of having stong glutes. But what is it about this major muscle group that’s so important?
The ‘glutes’ are actually made up of three muscles – gluteus maximus, medius and minimus (you can guess the size order) together making up the largest and strongest group of muscles in the body. Their job is to keep our upper body erect, mobilise the hip and stabilise the pelvis.
Here are the top 5 reasons to ensure you work into this area regularly:
1. Improve your Posture: Poor posture is often a direct result of sitting too long and incorrectly. Hip flexors shorten and the glutes actually forget how to activate properly.
2. Injury Prevention: The glutes support the lower back and work to keep the pelvis stabilised. With weak glutes the supporting muscles are having to work harder, resulting in pain and compression injuries in the lumber spine, knees and hips.
3. Fat Loss: Large muscle groups consume large amounts of energy to function. Muscles are also metabolically active, so even when not being used they burn calories.
4. Improved bone density: Our bone density is at it’s highest 5-10 years after skeletal maturity. After this it’s a slow decline. Exercise that places mechanical stress on the body can slow and reverse age related decline in bone density.
5. Improved Performance: Being such a substantial muscle group means the glutes are capable of generating huge amounts of power, propelling us forward faster, further and for longer. They therefore improve performance when we run, cycle, walk, jump or swim.