Why Balance is important at every age

We often think that balance is something to focus on when we’re old, however maintaining good balance is crucial at all ages. Having good physical balance means we can stay in control of our movements and in turn build strength and agility. We know that strength and agility is important for our body to function at its best. Understanding where our body parts are in a 3-dimensional space comes down to having good Kinaesthetic awareness. This, along with strength and agility, helps to prevent accidents and injury, which as we age, take longer to recover from.

The good news is that whatever your age, balance is something that can be improved. A great start is standing on one foot when you brush your teeth. When this gets too easy, take it up a notch and close your eyes or move your arms around. Try and lower down to pick up something off the floor (balancing on one foot). Don’t forget to work on both sides of the body.  It’s common to have one side more balanced than the other so try some extra focus on the wobbly side and things will start to even up.