What is Fascia?

You may have heard the term Fascia used – but what exactly is it?

Essentially, fascia is a clingwrap-like substance that wraps around all our muscles and organs, bones, arteries and nerves providing support and reducing friction in everyday movements. Structurally, fascia is like fairy floss, tightly woven and web-like.

‘Myofascial release’ is a series of exercises that aim to work the fascia, gently smoothing and stretching it to ensure your body is able to function at optimum levels. It is extremely beneficial for our wellbeing and general health. When using a foam roller or practicing yin-style yoga (long holds enabling deep stretches) we work with the fascia to rehydrate the connective tissue and consequently the ligaments and muscles.

Conversely, damage to the fascia can impact us both physically and emotionally creating blockages that prevent the energy from flowing freely. The clear flow of energy through the body is essential for reducing stress, boosting the body’s ability to self-heal as well as improving quality sleep. Using a foam roller, tennis ball or performing slow yoga regularly helps to ensure blockages are cleared and you enjoy improved physical and emotional wellbeing.