Top Tips to keep your Spine Healthy

Ensuring we maintain a healthy spine is crucial to avoid back pain now and in the years to come.  Here are our top 3 tips to guide you to better spinal health:

1. Stay Hydrated

We don’t usually associate hydration with spinal health but it is super important in maintaining soft tissue elasticity and fluid in our joints. The intervertebral (spinal) disks are very vulnerable to de-hydration and can often begin to lose height. As these spinal disks begin to shrink, you can often become more susceptible to painful disk conditions. Herniated disks generally occur when the loss of fluid causes the disks to become brittle and eventually slip out of place.

2.  Stretch Regularly

Maintaining good flexibility helps to sustain joint function and a generous range of motion in our joints, thus reducing the risk of injury. Regular stretching every day will benefit the body and help to clear the mind. Couple this with deep, deliberate breathing and you’ll quickly notice a positive difference.

3.  Be Regularly Active

To maintain good spinal health ensure that your regular exercise is a combination of stretching, strengthening and cardio. We suggest mixing up your activity to ensure you target all the various muscle groups and keep mind and body alert. Doing activates you enjoy is the best way to ensure your exercise program is easy to maintain and something you will prioritize and look forward to.