Some interesting facts about muscles you may not know…

We love sharing interesting things with you. Here we have some interesting facts about muscles which may just surprise you:
1. Muscles grow and repair while you sleep
They do this after exercise and during the night when growth hormones are released by the body.
2. The largest muscle in your body?
The gluteus maximus. Together with the smaller two glute muscles (gluteus minimus, gluteus medius) this muscle helps to stabilize the upper body, facilitate internal and external hip rotation and allows us to walk.
3. Muscles produce heat
They actually produce around 70 % of our bodies heat, with energy being created in the muscle tissue as the muscles is used.
4. Muscles burn more calories than fat
Not only when being used but also at rest. This helps to explain why men (with a higher percentage of muscle to body fat) often have a higher metabolism than women (who generally have more body fat to muscle). Increase your metabolism by increasing your muscle mass.
5. Smile or Frown? Which action utilizes more muscles?
Frowning wins, using 43 muscles while only 17 muscles to smile. We think it’s better to conserve energy here and smile more 😉
6. The hardest working muscle in your body is…
Your heart. Working 24/7 your heart pumps 5-6 litres of blood per minute around your body.