Side Plank

Side Plank can be a challenge but here are a few reasons why your body loves it:

1. Core strength and stablisization. Not only is this a strong workout for the transversus abdominis you are also targeting the glutes and obliques. Ensure hips stay stacked and avoid locking the elbow.

2. Strengthens arms, wrists & shoulders. Supporting the body in this static hold will build stregnth quickly in these areas. Be mindful if you do have weak wrists and come down onto the forearm. Stay tall through the shoulder to avoid sinking down.

3. Improves balance. Yes, this is actually a balance exercise. If you feel a little wobby, look down to the floor, next step is to look up to the raised hand or hit the full version and lift the top leg.

If you’re looking for an added incentive, this is possibly one of the most effective exercises for shaping the waist.

If you’re new to side plank, start slowly by resting the bottom knee to the mat, then gradually build to longer holds and increased difficulty. Do this regularly and you will start to see improvement quickly.