Power of the Pose: Twist

Twists are a wonderful way to realign and restore range of motion in the spine and stimulate circulation.

As many of us live a relatively sedentary life, we can lose the full range of spinal mobility which can result in muscle tightness and shortening of the soft tissues. Regular twisting can also help to maintain spinal discs and facet joints (the small joints at the back of the spine where two vertebrae overlap).

Begin on your back, hugging knees to chest. Keep knees and ankles together and release legs to the left, extend arms wide and look over your right shoulder. To deepen the stretch, wrap left ankle over right knee.

Breathe… release… breathe

To swap sides, unwrap the ankle and float legs over to the right side, looking over your left shoulder. To wrap, take the right ankle onto the left knee.

Breathe… release… breathe

Release the ankle and hug knees to the chest.