Power of the Pose: Crow

Why is it that many of us find arm balances so scary?

The good news with this one is that you stay close to the ground and it’s actually easier than it looks!

Crow pose is a great way to tone and build strength through the arms, wrists, core, upper back and legs as well as opening up the groin.
Regular practice will also improve balance, concentration, body awareness and control.

Start in a yogic squat with your heels a few inches apart (support heels if they don’t touch). Move your knees wider than your hips and start to lean the body forward. Stretch your arms forward and bend your elbows, placing your hands onto the floor with the backs of your upper arms against your shins.
Take your inner thighs against the sides of your body and your shins into your armpits. Start to slide the upper arms down as low onto the shins as you can. Lift up onto the balls of your feet and lean forward even more, taking the weight of your body onto the backs of the upper arms. Slowing lift one foot off the floor, then the other. Stay with this until you feel comfortable then hold, perched on bent arms.

To build your sense of confidence place a block or bolster under your head for added support.

Please avoid if you have wrist or shoulder injuries or are pregnant.

The sense of achievement with nailing this pose is one to savour!