Pilates for Back Pain

Pilates is frequently recommended by doctors and physiotherapists to help with existing back pain and in the prevention of future back issues.  We know that Pilates helps with strengthening the back, but what other benefits can can you experience:

Here are our top 3:

1. Core Strengthening
Our core muscles support our spine and having strong abdominal muscles will support and ease pressure on the back. If lower back muscles are weak, our body will rely more heavily on passive structures (ie. ligaments) as well as the spinal bones or discs, for stability. This in turn can cause pain.

2. Good Alignment
Having good posture and body alignment ensures that the body is working as it is intended. Poor alignment places extra pressure on ligaments, discs and soft tissues as they bear load and function for which they weren’t designed. This additional pressure builds over time and can result in painful chronic conditions.

3. Gentle Stretching
Stretching gives relief from tight muscles and in particularr reduces tension in the muscles supporting the spine. Greater flexibility will improve range of motion and mobility in the back, hips and shoulders ensuring freedom of movement and the ability to improve alignment.