Our Three Beliefs

We believe that Flexibilty, Strength and Balance are the cornerstones of optimum mental and physical wellbeing. To live a healthy life we need:

Flexibility:  Maintaining and building mobility in the body ensures a wide range of motion in our joints and muscles creating free movement and relief from tightness.  Mentally, this transpires to an open mind, being welcoming of new ideas and experiences as well as constantly learning.

Strength: Building muscle and bone strength is crucial to maintaining a healthy body throughout our lives. Stronger muscles work to support the body’s structure, with better posture, support from injury and increased resting metabolism. Strength of mind supports greater resilience, increased focus and confidently taking a pro-active approch.

Balance: We first think of balance as standing on one leg or holding a yoga pose. In a physical sense this is incredibly important and daily balance exercises can provide a noticable improvement.  In broader sense, we need to focus on creating balance in our daily lives. With the stress and pressures of work, family, study and the endless time-poor juggle we can easily neglect ourselves and the need to slow down and take time for self-care.

Together, they make the difference.