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We are delighted to share with you unlimited access to our online classes with the highly regarded team of Flex Body instructors. These pocket options can be done alone or added together for a longer class experience. From a short 10 minute guided meditation to a cardio warm-up that will have you energised and excited to start your day. New classes are being added daily.

We hope you enjoy!


Cardio Warm-Up

Flex Fusion

Pilates Complete Core

Core & Strength

Upper Body Stretch & Strength

Extended Workout

Pilates Circle Series

On the Barre – Glute Series

Power Pilates 2

On the Barre – Lower Body Focus

On the Barre – Toning Series

Pelvic Curl Series

Flex Fusion: Dance Fit Part I

Upper Body Toner

Morning Movements

Power Pilates 1

Lower Body Toner

Yoga Booty Buster


Fusion Stretch & Flow

Yoga Flow

Yoga Heart Openers

Yoga Twists

Twist & Flow

Pilates Full Body Flow

Yoga Core Focus & Flow

The Yoga Strap Stretch

Pilates Clam Variations

Pilates Posture Training

Morning Sun Salutation

Full Body Stretch – Before/After Work

On the Barre: Flexibility

Yoga Happy Hips


Yoga for Stress Relief

Guided Sound Meditation

Yoga Reset & Refresh

Yoga Standing Postures

Foam Rolling

Sleep Aid Sequence

Neck & Shoulder Release

Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercises


Technique Tips: Warrior 2

Technique Tips: Pelvic Positioning

Mindfulness Meditation: Q&A and Guided Meditation

Technique Tips: T-Zone Activation

Technique Tips:  Joint Health

Technique Tips: T-Zone Activation