Life is busy and what we need are practical solutions that fit seamlessly into family life.

At Flex Body we want to ensure you have every chance to live a life of vitality, good health and happiness.  We know that it’s not just what you do that will ensure good health, it’s also about how you fuel your body.  Life is busy and what we need are practical solutions that fit seamlessly into family life. That’s why we’ve teamed with Nereda Merrin, Nutritionist to offer you a choice of private consultations designed with your needs in mind.  We are delighted to share with you her Reboot and Rebalance Program:

Re-Boot and Re-Balance Program:

Please contact Nereda for the next Re-Boot and Re-Balance program.

With Christmas and New Year over and the indulgences of the long Australian festive season catching up, it’s time to re-boot and re-balance to a more nourishing way of eating that will serve you well for the year to come.

For 28 days you can focus on eating food that nourishes and helps your body rebalance nutritionally.

Nutritionally balanced eating will help:

  • Increase energy levels
  • Decrease bloat and puffiness
  • Drop unhealthy body fat levels
  • Improve your skin appearance and health
  • Help your body be happier and healthier long term.

Plus, you’ll also gain the practical tools, understanding of habits and nutritional education from a university qualified nutritionist (that’s Nereda) that will help you create a more sustainable and consistent way of eating healthily that still provides room for real life to happen.

During the 28 days you’ll receive:

  • A series of educational and inspiring nutrition-related emails
  • Meal plans and recipes to inspire the change you require, be that weight loss or energy and vitality-related health goals
  • An optional opportunity to learn how to use short term fasting to safely speed up unhealthy fat loss
  • An opportunity to work with me to put in place your intent for the program plus a welcome and intent setting e-book
  • A pantry detox e-book
  • Access to a food diary app that Nereda reviews week-to-week to provide personalised feedback
  • Daily support and access to Nereda to answer questions and work through challenges via Facebook community or email

We are delighted to share with Flex Body members a huge 30% discount for this program. The usual price of $150 has been reduced to $105.

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    The Balanced Body Health Philosophy

    And A Bit About our Nutritionist, Nereda.

    Hi, I’m Nereda. Self-confessed healthy lifestyle lover.

    I’ve tried being less than healthy but my body gets pretty upset with me and starts to react negatively; depriving me of sleep, altering my mood, decreasing my ability to deal with stress, retaining water, making me too tired to enjoy life and be happy, as well as increasing the number of colds, flus and illnesses I contract. It becomes massively unpleasant for me and let’s be honest, my husband and children! So I choose healthy, every day!

    I want to help you choose healthy every day, too! Not that extreme, one dimensional, deprive yourself healthy that is touted by many in the media, but a sustainable, balanced, educated approach that will result in loads of energy, vibrancy, a reduced risk of disease and ease of movement into old age.

    By accepting this definition of optimal health there is no need to take an extreme (and often expensive) approach to diet and fitness, instead you can concentrate on building sustainable balanced lifestyle habits through educating yourself about:

    • How your body works and what it needs;
    • What healthy eating looks and tastes like, as well as how easy it is to create;
    • How to incorporate activity into your life every day; and,
    • How to pull all the information together to create your own version of a sustainable balanced body.

    It means you can enjoy a lifestyle pattern that is free from food and fitness guilt. Where you know that a decadent restaurant dessert once every now and then doesn’t matter because it is what you do consistently that counts.

    To help you build a sustainable, balanced and educated approach to your health I bring to you knowledge and healthy-habit building approaches that are evidence-based and influenced by the learnings gained as part of a Masters in Nutrition and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Sports Science). These learnings are tempered and easily made to fit the real world as a result of life experiences gathered over my 42 years that include 18 years in a demanding Sports Marketing and Event Management career and the juggle of having a young family of two kids, a husband and a dog.

    So if you want to live by a similar health philosophy please get in touch to learn how a healthy dietary pattern and an active lifestyle doesn’t have to be boring and certainly not complex to bring you the energy, wellbeing and happiness you deserve in your life.

    If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place. – Eckhart Tolle