Moderate Intensity Exercise

We often hear advice about taking moderate intensity exercise – but what does that mean? No need for fancy gadgets, use these 3 as your guide.

• Increased heartrate

• A little out of breath (so you can talk but not sing)

• You feel warmer

Did you know that the medical recommendation is for 150min of Moderate Intensity exercise per week.

Just this amount will help to…

* Reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes by 40%

* Reduce the risk of Bowel Cancer by 50%

* Reduce the risk of Depression by 30%

* Reduce the risk of High Blood Pressure by 1/3

* Reduce the risk of Breast Cancer by 20% (Dr Zoe Williams)

Not only does regular exercise help your physical health, you’ll find that making better food choices is easier, sleep is improved, and daily stress and anxiety is reduced.