Meet Theodora…

We’re getting to know our Instructors a little better, so we posed our questions to Theodora…

What have you enjoyed doing during shutdown that you may not have done much of before?
This time has been a wonderful time for me to get back into learning on so many levels. Cooking with mumma bear, listening to conversations with my parents about their lives, reading and catching up on some live interviews, and catching up with friends all around the world via video. I appreciate that I am very fortunate in my situation unlike so many others, and what I’ve realised is that my life is already full with everything in it that truly is important.

What’s your top tip for staying balanced?
Listening to what my body needs each day has been key. I make sure I practice my gratitude daily, get outside and move my body whether it’s a walk or yoga, and ensure that the outside world is not affecting my inner world negatively.

What do you think is a positive outcome of shutdown?
There are so many! Personally for me it has been a time to go inward and write and be creative, something I don’t often do because I am busy travelling between classes daily. I can honestly say I am living my best life right now 🙂

On a collective, the world has been forced to stop and breathe. Disconnect from the unnecessary busyness and reconnect to ourselves and to nature. Remembering that wealth truly is your wealth and that we all need to come together and support each other in challenging times. Love will set us all free.