Meet Mary…

Many of you have enjoyed Mary’s livestream Yoga classes so we thought it would be nice to get to know her a little better…

What have you enjoyed doing during shutdown that you may not have done much of before?
For me iso-life is all about embracing the slow and enjoying the simplicity which comes with being less busy.
It means more time for home practice, incentive to go for runs, yoga zooming friends and family (full disclosure there was wine involved), lots of walks with the dog, naps (sometimes with the dog), making chocolate treats & jigsaw puzzles. Not gonna lie – got my head around Tik Tok!

What’s your top tip for staying balanced?
My tips for being balanced is to embrace the juggle – some days will be better than others. For me a good rush of endorphins, laughing and plenty of snacks keep me in check.

What do you think is a positive outcome of shutdown?
When we get to the other side, I think we’ll all value simplicity (walks in the park, a delicious meal made at home, less rushing around), making room for self care and value the importance of connection to the people in your life.