Meet Laura…

To help you get to know our wonderful team of instructors, we thought we’d ask Laura a few probing questions…
What have you enjoyed doing during shutdown that you may not have done much of before?
This has been a great time to get creative and think outside the box. For work, it’s been about learning new skills and embracing the change. This has included pushing the boundaries way out of my comfort zone. For home, I’ve enjoyed spending time to settle into our new apartment and organise the space. A perfect time to refresh, declutter and spark joy.
It’s also been a wonderful opportunity to explore some new walking paths, cook delicious meals, play board games and enjoy the simple things in life.
What’s your top tip for staying balanced?
Everyday get some sunshine and fresh air. This helps the mind and body reset and re-centre … even if that’s just on your balcony 🙂 Everyday move in some way. I love a morning and/or evening yoga practice. It really helps me to see things clearly and stay grounded.
What do you think is a positive outcome of shutdown?
To slow down and take time to breathe. To connect with friends and family whether that be a phone call, video chat or even posting a letter. Make time for those who are important… In the end our connections are what really matter, the rest just fills in the gaps.