Meet Annie…

We love you getting to know our Flex Body instructors even better, particularly as they’re missing see everyone at live classes. Today we asked Annie a few probing questions…
What have you enjoyed doing during the shutdown that you may not have done much of before?
Passing the time with activities other than watching tv! My husband and I go for walks along the harbour, play boardgames, cook and read our books on the balcony (with a cheeky glass of wine). I feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction at the end of each day having spent real quality time engaging with each other rather than spending time physically together but with something else drawing our attention.
What’s your top tip for staying balanced?
With so much uncertainty and ambiguity surrounding this situation, it can be really easy to feel overwhelmed and isolated by it all. Take a minute to refocus your mind to what IS in your control, your behaviours, actions and mindset. If you find it particularly hard to fight the fear, have a plan for your week where there is less ‘dead time’ for the unknown to creep in and stick to it.
What do you think is a positive outcome of shutdown?
The shutdown has given a lot of us the gift of TIME. We no longer have to tackle a commute, or race the clock to get from one commitment to the next. So when it comes to our downtime we have the energy to participate in constructive hobbies, rather than just vegetating in front of the TV (guilty). This extra time is allowing us to develop habits with these new ways to decompress, healthy ways to stimulate our brains and new concepts of what is important… which will hopefully continue on well past the lift of restrictions!