Most of us have heard of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) but how many of us know about LISS?
Low Intensity Steady State training (LISS) is hugely popular on social media but what is it all about?

Essentially, it is low intensity exercise (aim for 50% increase on your resting heart rate) performed for a sustained period, typically 30-60min.

So, what are the benefits?
* Reduced Injury: With many high intensity training styles, the risk of injury is high. Less chance of injury means the ability to sustain an exercise program and enjoy the benefits of long-term health.

* It’s not intimidating: For many, the idea of taking on HIIT is more than a little daunting. As a gateway to exercise, LISS provides a supported pathway that builds confidence, together with strength and endurance.

* Love: We do more of what we love. Finding an activity we enjoy is essential to maintaining any exercise program. As Marie Kondo does for our homes, we need to keep it in our lives if it sparks joy!