Dry Body Brushing

If there is one inexpensive way to increase lymphatic drainage, improve skin texture and achieve brighter, healthier skin it has to be daily dry brushing. Just 3-5 minutes each day can dramatically reduce cellulite, support the lymphatic system in releasing waste and remove dead skins cells, resulting in younger and improved skin condition.

The lymphatic system helps to remove waste and dead cells, moving them to the bloodstream for effective removal. While the circulatory system has a pump (the heart), the lymphatic system relies on the contractions of muscles and movement to force the fluid through the lymph vessels. When moving toward the heart, body brushing will help to support the lymphatic system to work more efficiently, helping to remove the metabolic waste that regularly builds up in the nodes and tissues.

The stimulating effects of dry body brushing help to remove dry skin cells and expose newer skin cells to the benefits of our daily moisturiser. Daily stimulation of the skin also helps to promote sebum secretion and achieves a glowing skin.

Always stroke toward to the heart, in long sweeping movements (avoiding the face and breasts).  Start from the feet and use a heavier pressure on less sensitive areas and brush up the arms and legs. Use a lighter pressure on the stomach and move the brush in a clockwise direction to aim digestion.

If you feel a cold coming on try brushing a couple of times a day to increase immunity. Always follow with a shower and a good body lotion to finish. Brush each morning and this will quickly join your toolkit for better health and increased vitality!