Do you struggle with breakfast?

Many people struggle with breakfast and it’s very easy to fall into the habit of consuming a processed cereal or piece of toast with a topping for breakfast; it’s quick and easy. However by spending just 10 minutes more on your breakfast you can add a lot more variety to your dietary pattern which will benefit your overall health significantly due to the greater mix of macro and micro-nutrients that will be provided to your body over an entire week.

A few quick breakfast ideas are:
– Porridge with fruit and yoghurt
– Soft-boiled or scrambled egg with avocado on a slice of multi-grain toast
– Healthy french toast with berries and yoghurt
– Overnight oats (so many recipes on the internet)
– Sauteed mushrooms and spinach on toast
– Sauteed asparagus with soft boiled eggs and feta
– Zucchini and pea scrambled eggs
– Vegetable Nourish Bowl using left over roast vegetables, avocado, spinach, feta and a hard boiled egg
– Green smoothie with a slice of grainy toast topped with nut butter.

Take the time to enjoy a good breakfast – it’s worth it!