LIVE WELL, MOVE WELL & EAT WELL – the three pillars for a healthy lifestyle. And a healthy lifestyle starts with you! The juggle of modern life can be exhausting and it is easy and very common to let your own self-care fall to the bottom of your list. 

Why not start with 20 minutes a day of self-care and we promise you will soon notice a difference in your physical and mental wellbeing. At Flex Body, we believe that you can make a positive change in your life by adding small changes within your daily routine.

Each month we will share a livestream class through Zoom, a selection of online classes which you can do when you please. We will also share our best wellness tips and tricks which you can seamlessly integrate into every day, plus a monthly healthy recipe for you to try.  

Enjoy our Hub!

Spicy Sweet Potato & Corn Soup

A warming treat on a chilly evening, this soup will have you warmed through and feeling satisfied without heaviness.




Mindful monday

Join us for this stress relieving and empowering guided meditation that will help you to start the month with a renewed positive energy.
Food for the Brain

Have you ever stopped to consider what your brain is made of? Often, we talk about the brain as a muscle. You’ve likely heard some expert or other tell you that your brain, much like the muscles in your body, needs mental exercise to stay healthy. Use it or lose it, they say—encouraging mental stimulation to help your brain grow faster, stronger, and, overall, stay fighting fit. Both brains and muscles contain special fibers that

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What is Fascia?

You may have heard the term Fascia used – but what exactly is it? Essentially, fascia is a clingwrap-like substance that wraps around all our muscles and organs, bones, arteries and nerves providing support and reducing friction in everyday movements. Structurally, fascia is like fairy floss, tightly woven and web-like. ‘Myofascial release’ is a series of exercises that aim to work the fascia, gently smoothing and stretching it to ensure your body is able to

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Cortisol (aka the stress hormone) and the 5 things you need to know

OK, so we all know that stress isn’t good – yet in our modern world avoiding stress seems close to impossible. What is happening on a biochemical level when we are stressed is really fascinating. In years gone by, long-term stress mostly revolved around food being scarce or in the form of floods, famines and wars. The stress was related to basic survival. Today, our long-term stresses are more likely to be financial worries, relationship

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Join one of our online classes at a time convenient for you. We have a wide choice of exercise options and we will add new classes on a monthly basis to keep you motivated and inspired. Enjoy! 

Guided Meditation - Reduce Anxiety

Pilates with Annie

Daily Stretch Routine

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