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Neutral Pelvis – What is it and why is it important?

I am sure many have heard the term ‘neutral pelvis’ before in class and you may be wondering what this means. A neutrally aligned pelvis allows the curves of the spine to operate in a balanced state with one another The Pelvis literally plays a central role and forms a boney bridge between the upper and lower body, attaching to the spine at the sacrum. It has 6 fused bones and serves as a base for lower...


Food for the Brain

Have you ever stopped to consider what your brain is made of? Often, we talk about the brain as a muscle. You’ve likely heard some expert or other tell you that your brain, much like the muscles in your body, needs mental exercise to stay healthy. Use it or lose it, they say—encouraging mental stimulation to help your brain grow faster, stronger, and, overall, stay fighting fit. Both brains and muscles contain special fibres that help...


Cortisol (aka the stress hormone) and the 5 things you need to know

OK, so we all know that stress isn’t good – yet in our modern world avoiding stress seems close to impossible. What is happening on a biochemical level when we are stressed is really fascinating. In years gone by, long-term stress mostly revolved around food being scarce or in the form of floods, famines and wars. The stress was related to basic survival. Today, our long-term stresses are more likely to be financial worries, relationship concerns...