Build a New Habit: Don’t Eat While Using a Screen

Could your weight management problems relate to eating while watching TV or using your computer or scrolling through your social media?⠀

Research indicates that those who eat while distracted  are likely to consume not only more food while distracted but also more food in their following meal, whether they are hungry or not (Robinson et al, 2013).  This over time causes unnecessary weight gain which could potentially be avoided by removing the distraction during your meals. For instance eating at a table without a screen present. When eating while distracted we struggle to tune in to our subtle but incredibly important hunger signals. This is especially the case for the signal to stop because hunger has been satisfied. ⠀

 Experiment for a fortnight by choosing to eat your meals at a table without the distraction of a screen. Do you eat less? Do you notice you are satiated sooner than if you are eating in front of the screen? Do you enjoy the meal more? Does your weight change over the fortnight?