Boost your confidence with Good Posture

We know that body language experts have shown that there is a connection good posture and confidence. Not only the confidence that people have in us but more importantly, the confidence that we have in ourselves.

The way we hold ourselves projects a message to others, particularly in those important first few minutes when we are keen to make a good initial impression, did you know that it also has a huge impact on our overall mental state?  Slouching naturally places the body in a defensive position, closing in the shoulders and chest and dropping the head, instinctively protecting the internal organs. Research shows that this physical positioning is linked to our emotions and mood, often fuelling feelings of insecurity, doubt and fear. We naturally feel less confident in our capabilities, encouraging feelings of negativity in ourselves. From this position it becomes difficult to project the positive, capable energy that is the real you.

Numerous studies with students have shown that sitting straight changes feelings about a given task which can ultimately affect performance. Students found tasks more difficult and less enjoyable when sitting slouched and they displayed less trust in their own responses. This trust in our own ideas and knowledge extends beyond the classroom.  Whether in the workplace or in personal relationships, being able to confidently express your ideas and feelings is crucial to ensuring healthy communication and building trust in your capabilities by others and in yourself.

Studies have shown that as we hunch over, we compress our lung capacity by as much as 30%. Sitting or standing comfortably straight maximises lung capacity and oxygen circulation to the brain resulting in increased clarity of thought and quicker responses. With the chest open and breathing easier we are well equipped to practice deeper breathing which helps to reduce anxiety levels and calm a racing mind.

Why not give this a try yourself?
Sit down and hunch your shoulders inwards and drop your head forward
Now try and take a big lungful of air (without opening the chest).
In the same position, try and give a convincing wide smile.
Not easy, is it?
Now stand tall, chest open and take a big deep breath and follow with a natural open smile. We think you’ll feel the difference!

(As published in the May2022 edition of the 202 Newspaper)