Author: Annette Weir

Shoulder Stability

Susan Heetveld Susan is passionate about teaching people how improve their posture, daily activity and well being. Growing up in the Netherlands and  qualifying as a Physical Therapist, she added an Australian Masters in Developmental Disability after settling in Australia and having a family. Diplomas in Pilates have complimented her experience and though working with Neuromuscular issues has been her main focus, Susan’s expertise spans across a broad variety of people, prescribing individualised exercise therapy plans...

Annette Weir

Neutral Pelvis – What is it and why is it important?

I am sure many have heard the term ‘neutral pelvis’ before in class and you may be wondering what this means. A neutrally aligned pelvis allows the curves of the spine to operate in a balanced state with one another The Pelvis literally plays a central role and forms a boney bridge between the upper and lower body, attaching to the spine at the sacrum. It has 6 fused bones and serves as a base for lower...

Annette Weir