Author: Annette Weir

Health Hacks: Hip Health with Susan

Good hip health is essential to maintaining a wide range of pain free movement and avoiding potential surgery in our later years. We chat to Susan about the importance of hip stability and how to maintain good hip health. We hope you enjoy! ...

Annette Weir

Health Hacks: Improve your Posture with Mickie

With many of us spending far too much time at computers and on phones, improving posture is something we talk about a lot in the studio. Many of us are aware that our shoulders are rounding and our head is projecting forward, but what can we do? We chat to Mickie and she shares her 3 favourite exercises to improve your posture. We hope you enjoy! ...

Annette Weir

Health Hacks: Roadblocks to Exercise with Krissy

Exercise Roadblocks - which one do you relate to? We're super excited to share with you the first of our weekly Health Hacks. Here we chat about all things health and wellness and share our top tips for you. We start by chatting to Krissy about Roadblocks to Exercise - what things may be stopping you from regular exercise and how best to deal with them. I feel sure that this is definitely something we can all relate...

Annette Weir