5 Good Reasons to Improve Your Posture

We’re all aware of good posture, whether from school days where we are told to sit up straight and stop slouching or sore shoulders from long hours in front of computer screens. Here are 5 good reasons why posture is important:

1. Your body will work efficiently.
The body is designed to work as a delicate interrelation of muscles, bones and ligaments, each relying on the other to support its function. If we force this delicate balance out of alignment we put added pressure on weaker areas and thus alter the calibration of the body.

2. Undue pressure on the spine can be avoided.
Added spinal pressure can result in constriction of both blood flow and nerve function. Add to this potential irreversible damage to discs and it’s all beginning to sound rather painful.

3. You’ll breathe easier.
Slouching constricts the chest and makes breathing deeply more difficult. This in turn allows less oxygen into the body and brain and results in shallow breathing (which increases anxiety and stress levels).

4. You’ll feel more confident.
Opening the chest and standing comfortably tall has a positive effect on our mood. When we feel sad or upset we fold in and slump. Being upright and open projects happiness and confidence.

5. You’ll gain height and appear slimmer and younger.
Hunching compresses the body making us appear older than our years. Take the crown of the head comfortably toward the ceiling and notice your tummy tucks in, your spine straightens and you’ve just gained a few centimetres.